6 year old child rejoices in victory over cancer in powerful THON moment

February 25, 2019

Just one year ago, Devin Pulaski’s low blood cell count held her back from attending in Penn State’s Thon. Now, eight months after beating out cancer, Devin has performed alongside two acts in the talent show during a dance marathon raising money for fighting cancer.

Devin was just entering into her first year of preschool when her father, Nick Pulaski, saw a lump on her abdomen. The next morning, Devin had told Nick that she was feeling sick, so he brought her to the emergency room. Nick, thinking this would be a quick trip, expected Devin to be prescribed laxatives and brought home. As soon as they began to start speaking about her liver, Nick called his wife, Debbi.

After an ultrasound, physicians pulled Nick and Debbi into another room to explain the results. They were told that Devin had a stage four Wilms’ tumor in her right kidney. Following this, Devin endured six weeks of chemotherapy as the tumor was too large to surgically remove immediately. After another seven and a half months she was pronounced cancer free and is now in kindergarten and attending karate classes at Chosen Martial Arts.

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