Childhood Cancer: Earlier treatment means an earlier cure

February 20, 2019

According to Consultant Pediatric & Adolescent Oncologist, Dr. Sanjeeva Gunasekera, many forms of pediatric cancer are “highly curable.” This message, directed towards parents weary of chemo and radiation, aims to reinforce the importance of adhering to treatment plans laid out by doctors. These fears are countered with the notion that current radiation and chemotherapy options are administered specifically for children and are not the same forms given to adults.

Chemotherapy is a form of treatment which utilizes injection or oral intake of the medicine in order to fight cancer within the body. Additionally, radiotherapy makes use of radiation to do the same. As Dr. Gunasekera explains, these techniques typically present few long-term side effects. For a children undergoing treatment, the danger of cancer “far outweighs” the chance of side-effects later on in life.

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